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The application will be a new generation of PTFE coating materials and filter bag

Release Time:2015.12.24  Source:Dingxin Capital

October 15 afternoon, Zhejiang Geer theis environmental protection special material technology Co., Ltd. and Mu chemical company (formerly DuPont company fluorine products) combined in the Sheraton Shanghai Hotel, Pudong held "a new generation of PTFE membrane materials and bag application" and "TEFLON" "" trademark licensing authorized signing ceremony. The power generation group, garbage power generation business executives environment-friendly Anson related to leadership, engineering design experts attended the meeting, discuss PTFE membrane filter bag in the electric bag dust removal technology, bag dust removal technology application prospect and technical specification requirements, and gradually establish a quality standard for a new generation of PTFE membrane filter bag.

It is company chairman Wang Baozhong and Mu fluorine chemical products in the Asia Pacific region director Pascal Rechatin Office signed a Teflon "trademark license license agreement, the company became a mu company Teflon" trademark in China only authorized license units.

The company in cooperation with the Department for the company launched a new generation of "PTFE film bag" because of the changed filtering principle of the original, changed by deep filtration for surface filtration, using PTFE membrane pore to filter dust, and PTFE membrane material into the correct film can ensure the service life of the filter bag with advanced coating process also, because the existence of plastic bag does not appear "paste bag" phenomenon, the running resistance can be controlled in a stable low value does not increase with the change of time, can satisfy the users of ultra clean emissions requirements, solve the traditional filter bag there are easily damaged, operation after a period of time the resistance is too large, it will greatly promote the bag dust and the combination of electric bag dust removal technology development, make new contributions to the development of China's environmental protection technology and environmental protection.

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