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A gamble on how to start electric bag composite dust collector contract from 0 to 7 billion?

Release Time:2015.12.24  Source:Dingxin Capital
In July 18th, the Ministry of environmental protection environmental engineering assessment center in Shenzhen organized the first series of thermal power ultra-low emission technology seminar". In the electric power environmental protection industry are highly concerned about the seminar, as a technical assessment super net emissions of the typical case is by Fujian long net environmental protection Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "dragon net") design and manufacture of Guangdong Shajiao C Power Station 66 million kilowatt unit net electric bag composite dust project, and received unanimous praise from the experts attending the meeting, was evaluated as "long-term stability to ultra low emission control requirements, and on the fluctuation of coal quality and operation mode adaptability is stronger, for thermal power ultra low emission control provides a new has strong competitive technical route".

In fact, this is not the first fire bag technology to ignite the market enthusiasm. Time to push forward a month, June 16, the world's first million kilowatt unit super net electric bag composite dust remover, CLP voted Henan Pingdingshan Branch Company No. 1 furnace 103 million KW ultra low emission projects successfully put into operation; push forward again, May 29, infrastructure projects of electric bag composite dust collector in the Anhui Pingwei Power Plant Phase III new 100 million kilowatts of two units on the 5th machine group smoothly through the 168 hour test run, marking the electric bag composite dust removal technology to large units with continuous breakthrough... January 9th, long net of electric bag composite dust removal technology and industrialization project was awarded the national science and technology progress award two awards 2014.

Since entering 2015, electric bag composite dust technology, as always, quickly refresh its own transcripts and market expectations. Among them, gains National Science and technology award is particularly significant, breaking the dust control field of national science and technology award 15 years of vacancy, on behalf of the national environmental protection industry's highest honor, is destined to be written in the annals of the dust removal technology development. At the same time, the reporter took nearly six months time, visited the dragon net and 5 or more than the top experts in environmental protection, there are nearly 10 electric bag project site, and finally a more complete to restore the environmental science and technology in the field of innovation sample birth, birth and growth process.

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